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Fukuma ramen bastard chilled abura soba with a light summer texture

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I went to bastard ramen

It was chilled abura soba

It feels light

Sauce is collected at the bottom of the bowl

If you don't entangle it well, the taste will be a little light.

It was really refreshing

It was like udon ramen

It feels just right to eat this in the hot summer

Also, the part on the top was very nice with a crispy texture.

It was like a soy sauce-based sauce, and I didn't feel it was tonkotsu.

The noodles had a chewy texture and were very chewy and responsive, which was really nice.



As usual, the mustard mustard is spicy and the taste is a little too different for me to use, so I think it's better to eat it separately and drink it with water.

This shop always offers new menus for a limited time every season, so you won't get tired of it.

Do you sometimes want to eat basic ramen?

Satisfaction was around 80 points

Next time I want to eat thick tonkotsu ramen after a long time

I think it's good that the tonkotsu ramen with a rich flavor is also very high level here.


Looking back on it now, I think there was something very similar to Hiyashi chuka.